concrete and resin flooring
additives and cement base products

Microcement flooring
A product based on epoxy, modern, integrated, beautiful, resistant, variety in design and color
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An epoxy-based product, without limitations in color and design, very high resistance, integrated and seamless
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Hard industrial concrete
Flooring of industrial environments with the lowest cost and long life
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Low thickness polymer concrete
Flooring with mechanical resistance and very high adhesion for use in low thickness, from 10 to 30 on old concrete
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A leader in product innovation and production

Manamalat brand tries to use past experiences, new materials and different and new additives to be able to produce materials that can compete with foreign similar items in the construction industry and supply them in the market at a competitive price, which includes dry cement mortar, concrete flooring and additives. It is concrete. This group always tries to update its products according to the latest data of this industry and provide quality products through research and development and repeated tests.

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Considering the type of products and the need for expert advice in this field, Manamalat considers itself committed in the field of designing, consulting and implementing all types of hard industrial concrete flooring, decorative, patterned concrete, or stamped concrete, low thickness concrete, polished concrete, and self-leveling, epoxy flooring, polyurethane and anti-acid mortar, types of construction tile adhesives and repair mortars, waterproofing, final surface coating and types of concrete additives for greater efficiency and as a result, to gain satisfaction and confidence, to our dear compatriots and is always trying to meet the needs of its customers with the highest quality.

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Variety of products in the field of concrete and resin flooring
Cement base products and concrete additives
Hardtop Industrial Concrete
Mortar Industrial Concrete
Low thickness polymer concrete
Polished Concrete
Stamped Concrete
Resin Flooring
Self Level Mortar
Admixture Concrete


Low thickness polymer concrete
A special product with C50 compressive strength

Concrete flooring in the lowest possible thickness


According to the needs of respected employers, a special product in the field of industrial flooring has been designed and produced, which saves time and money.

A powder product based on Portland cement, which has been modified with polymer additives and cement adhesives, and due to the high resistance of this product, it can be applied in a low thickness and without seams, from 10 to 30 mm in one step, and with He paid the license fee.

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